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The Ten Commitments

The American Humanist Association has elaborated what they call the Ten Commitments, an obvious parallel to the Ten Commandments, as an attempt to define the core values – values not defined by the belief in a deity – that we should be teaching in schools. As an attempt to crystallize a set of goals for the teaching of values independent of specific religious sources, it is laudable and helpful. But can we, as they suggest, teach values”¬†free of ideology and theology.” Or are values necessarily derived from a specific ideological worldview and a specific position with regard to the nature of, or existence of, a supreme lawgiver?… Read the rest

Olympic badminton and the penumbra of values

Eight Olympic badminton players have been disqualified for throwing matches in order to obtain what they considered a more favorable position in the tournament.Click here for the details.

There is always a certain gap between the bare bones of what the rules say and what they intend, between the letter and the spirit of the law. This gap is a dangerous and contentious zone, primarily because it is within this zone that we must appeal to the higher, more nebulous concept of values. The rules lay out what we all agree to be clearly intolerable. When we enforce concepts not within the rules, we inject uncertainty into our dealings with others, which is what the rules are there to avoid.… Read the rest

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