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A duty to dissent? What is the role of science in a democracy?

In today’s Guardian newspaper, George Monbiot looks at the role of scientists in a democracy, and alleges that scientists are being pressured to downplay findings and to remain silent as others do so in the name of policy. Do scientists have a duty to play a public role in policy debates? Read the article here.… Read the rest

The limits of science

Science has given us almost everything we take for granted in our modern world; one could argue that science as method and outlook defines modernity. But can science answer all valid questions? Scientism – the view that science can answer all questions – is something of a dirty word for most, a term used more often as an accusation than as a philosophy. But while most people seem to feel that science cannot answer all questions – or, as I would qualify, cannot answer all questions in a way that is fundamentally useful in the living of our lives – philosophers of science differ in their ideas of where exactly the limits of science can be found.… Read the rest

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