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What do we need to know?

This video from the RSA is short but entertaining.… Read the rest

Knowledge under siege, and those who protect it

In Timbuktu, Mali’s famous caravan stop and medieval center of learning, an ancient tradition of hiding manuscripts has preserved a priceless collection of ancient knowledge from destruction at the hands of extremists. While we usually focus our attention on the expansion and transmission of knowledge, let’s spare a moment to think of the brave men and women of Timbuktu who risk their lives to save the priceless knowledge in their care. Read the recent story in the New York Times.

 … Read the rest

Memory and identity

When we try to explain to ourselves or to others what constitutes our core self – if indeed to try to do this at all – we often turn to our past experiences. Surely a large part of who we are is what we have experienced and the knowledge we have acquired along the way. But is there more to the self than experience? Would remain in any sense ourselves if our memories were taken from us? Over at The Atlantic, Daniel Levitin takes a closer look at the case of retrograde amnesia and the self that remains when memory is lost.… Read the rest

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